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Wireless Fall Monitor – TL-2016R

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  • Monitor sends quiet wireless signal to pager for noise-free caregiver notification.
  • Call Button on front of monitor.
  • Works with existing nurse call system.


The Wireless Call Monitor to Pager is designed to alert an optional pager (purchased separately), worn by the caregiver without going through a central monitor system. It has an audible alarm that can be silenced and an option to plug in our standard 228-099-051 call cord. The wireless fall alarm is designed to work with Corded Bed & Chair Sensor Pads, Floor Mats, Quick-Release Seat Belts, Pagers, Emergency Call Lights, Nurse Call Cords and Central Monitoring Units.  This monitor allows caregivers the flexibility to monitor residents based on their unique needs.

For use with the following pads, sensors and accessories:


View Instructions (PDF)

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