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Medical Grade UPS Systems


Designed for power protection within patient-care areas. All models feature built in Faraday-shielded isolation transformers which reduce the cumulative leakage currents of all connected
equipment below 300 microamps. These UPS systems will switch between utility power and battery backup within 2-4 milliseconds; automatic voltage regulation (AVR) will keep equipment working through low voltage (brownouts) or high voltage conditions indefinitely without draining battery power.

All models have resetable circuit breakers, diagnostic LED’s and are resistant to electrostatic discharge.

SKU: 310-047-001
SKU: 310-047-002
SKU: 310-047-003


Medical Grade UPS Systems

Tripp Lite does not recommend the use of any of its products in any life support application in which a malfunction or failure of a Tripp Lite product could cause failure or significantly alter the performance of a life support device.

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