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Double Door Anti-Wandering Alert System – TL-3004SYS

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The Smart Anti – Wandering door alert is an effective monitoring system which will alarm audibly and visually when a resident wearing a wristband comes within 10 to 14 feet of the doorway. A key fob worn by the caregiver silences and resets the alarm. The waterproof resident wristband is covered by a six month warranty.


Simple Installation

  1. Mount door bar & activate transmitter
  2. Test
  3. Put wristband on resident

Affordable – No Wiring – No Electricians

Activation is as simple as plugging the monitor bar into an A/C outlet. Use of the magnetic contact switch is optional and restricts the alarm from being activated until the door is opened and a resident with a wristband transmitter is within 10-14 feet of the doorway. The double door system uses the same components as the single system but has a second door monitor bar and a second magnetic contact switch. These systems have the ability to send a signal to a Large Facility Central Monitor.


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