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Change Pad Indicator™ Fall Monitor – TL-2100CP

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  • Automatically counts down days pad is in use and sends alert when pad life is near expiration.
  • Includes Patented TamperProof Caregiver Key. Only the caregiver can turn monitor off.
  • Auto-Reset Functionality.
  • Nurse Call System Enabled.
  • Battery Operated (3-AA, Not Included).
  • Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-05)


The Change Pad Indicator™ fall monitor features “always on technology” which means there is no “off” switch to encourage patient tampering. Volume control, 3-tone choices and programmable 0, 1, or 2-second delay switches are located under the screw-secured battery cover to prevent tampering. This monitor is compatible with timed bed and chair pressure pads, floor pads or a seatbelt sensor. Alarm violations are both audible and visual. An optional nurse call cable permits use with a central monitoring unit. Warranty is one year. Operates on 3 AA batteries or an optional AC-05 adapter.

Use with the following pads, sensors and accessories:


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