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Fall Prevention & Anti-Wandering Devices

Whether for home or facility or home use, Smart Caregiver monitors & exit alarms are one way we can ensure a reduced risk of falls among seniors and at-risk patients. Monitors and pads work together and are designed to alert caregivers when a patient gets up, motion sensors can trigger an alert when a patient moves past it or a wristband worn by a patient can trigger an alarm when they attempt to exit a door.

Smart Caregiver products are a trusted name in fall prevention and anti-wandering and Castle & Cooper is a proud partner in providing their products across Canada. Call us today for a needs analysis or a quote and protect your patients and staff from falls and unnecessary stress.

Monitor Feature Guide

Fall Prevention Guide for Facilities

Ensure you’re patients or loved-ones are safe in their beds, chairs, wheelchairs and rooms. For questions about product compatibility, functionality or usage please call 1-888-623-5660.

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